Scent List P-Z

Peach, Grapefruit & Thyme- Sweet summer peach and grapefruit combine with notes of thyme.

Peppermint Hunk- 1920's barbershop, cool crisp peppermint, and Erza *A&F Type

Poolside Pop - Lime Juice, fresh cucumber, blood orange, agave syrup, cilantro, tequila, and spicy vanilla.

Pumpkin Coconut Cream - Rich coconut cream and pumpkin pie spices provide a modern interpretation of an all-time classic.

Pure Paradise -White sandy beaches, blue skies and clear waters with star fruit, frangipani, water lily, sun-kissed coconut, and white musk.

Red Riding Hood - Mahogany coconut, crisp apple, fresh fern, wood notes, and vanilla.

Rice Flower and Shea- Rice flower and creamy shea butter.

Salted Cucumber Tonic- Cucumber tonic, salted sea mist, melon, and coconut water.

Sea Glass- Salty sea mist, summer melon, sea glass, sand dunes and sun-bleached driftwood.

Sharp Dressed Man- Citrus, sandalwood, and fresh jasmine, lavender, cedar, and musk.

Sky's the Limit- Fire roasted marshmallows, cool ocean air, salty sea spray and barbershop.

Sleigh All Day - Sugar frosted plums, cranberry salsa, and freshly baked sugar cookies.

Smashing Pumpkin- Rich pumpkin pie.

Sparkling Pine - Fresh citrus, bergamot, and pine trees, crisp winter air with notes of fresh cut juniper and cool lavender.

Spearmint - Crisp refreshing spearmint

Sugar Cookie- Freshly baked sugar cookies.

Summer of '69- Orange creamsicle and vanilla ice cream

Sun Kissed- Lychee, pineapple, passion fruit, cassis, lemon peel and musk.

Sunset Blvd - Blood orange, strawberries, pineapple, coconut milk, Malibu rum and vanilla.

Sunset Crush- Orange, grapefruit, peach, delicate greens, and jasmine with a creamy vanilla musk.

Sweet Potato and Brown Sugar - Delicious notes of mashed sweet potatoes, brown sugar, ground nutmeg, cinnamon sticks, and vanilla. 

The Legend- Cedar, amber, sandalwood, and oakmoss with lavender, rose, and violet.

The Lion Sleeps Tonight- Bedtime Bath(J&J*Type) and HIWTK (Lush*Type)

True Lies- Sugared plums, black amber, cashmere, hints of patchouli, leather, musk, and peppercorn.

Turtle Bay - Rich coconut, star anise, island blossoms, sunny citrus, juicy mandarin, and lemon verbena.

Twilight - Lavender, ylang-ylang, and Tonka Bean. Inspired by Lush

Uncle AC– Smoky tobacco leaves and cherry wood followed by sweet honey and vanilla.

Vanilla Fluff - French Vanilla and fluffy marshmallow.

Vanilla Spearmint- A rich and smooth blend of vanilla and spearmint.

Vice- French vanilla and oak with hints of peppermint.

Walk on The Wild Side- Lemongrass and clove blended with musk, lavender, and rich woods.

Wish A Witch Would- Earthy dark amber and guaiac wood.

Witching Hour- Sweet blend of rich vanilla and ripe cherries with a pinch of spicy clove.

Witchy Woman- Forest greens, pine needles, woodland rose, baby violet and patchouli.

Where the Skies Are Blue- Refreshing blend of aquatic florals, light coconut with dewy green notes on a base of wood and musk.